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As you may have heard, successful August 31, 2016, Google Drive can never again be utilized to have sites. In this guide, we’ll spread options in contrast to utilizing Google Drive to have sites, including paid and free choices.

What Feature of Google Drive is Being Discontinued?

Starting in 2012, Google Drive could be utilized to have static sites.

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript record types are bolstered, and setting up a webpage is as straightforward as making an open organizer, dropping your site documents into the envelope, and afterward exploring to an extraordinarily figured URL dependent on the Drive envelope ID.

The capacity to utilize Google Drive along these lines to have basic sites is what is being suspended. This change likewise parts of the bargains related Google Drive webpage building utilities, for example, Editey and, just as URL shortening and covering administrations, for example,

Step by step instructions to Move from Google Drive to Paid Hosting

Changing to proficient web facilitating isn’t as confused as you would might suspect. Web has have made making a site deliberately basic, to the point that moving your webpage from Google Drive to a web server just requires a couple of steps.

Stage 1: Download your site documents from Google Drive. Head over to Google Drive, find the organizer that contains your site documents, and download the entirety of the envelope substance to your PC.

To abstain from breaking joins inside your site it is imperative to protect the document and organizer pecking order when you download your site records and envelopes.

So if your site is at present sorted out into one principle organizer that contains at least one subfolders, make certain to download the documents and envelopes without changing their association.

Stage 2: Pick a facilitating supplier. There are many web has you can pick, which can be overpowering, however you can limit the rundown impressively by seeing client surveys posted online at sites, for example, WhoIsHostingThis?

Stage 3: Sign up for a facilitating plan. At the point when you select an arrangement you will either enroll another area name, or in the event that you as of now have a space name you can without much of a stretch point the space at your facilitating organization’s space name servers.

In the event that you’ve never done that, that may sound a touch of threatening, yet your facilitating supplier’s specialized help group ought to readily assist you with trip with that progression in the event that you need the assistance.

Picking a facilitating plan can likewise be somewhat scary since there are loads of highlights to consider. For whatever length of time that you pick a trustworthy host as proposed in the past advance, the section level arrangement they offer will be all that could possibly be needed for any site recently facilitated on Google Drive.

Stage 4: Move your site documents. Some facilitating organizations will offer to move one site for you when you pursue another record. On the off chance that they offer that administration, the most straightforward approach to change your site is to take them up on the offer. On the off chance that your facilitating supplier doesn’t offer to move the site for you, moving a static site is as yet a simple procedure, on the whole, you’ll have to get a FTP customer set up.
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